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Spring '05 CH370 (51995) / CH387D (52080) Name ____________________ Hackert Exam III ID ___________________ R = 8.314 x 10 7 g-cm 2 /(sec 2 -mol-K) = 8.314 J/mol-K ; η = 0.01 g/(cm-sec) n λ = 2dsin θ ; k = 1.38 x 10 -23 J/K; h = 6.63 x 10 -34 J-sec; E = ( γ h m H)/2 π ; γ for 1 H = 26.7 x 10 7 rad/sec-T ; θ = [S]/(Kd + [S]) ; ν = n - ν Kd/[S]; 1. Mass Spec: a) Consider the following mass spec obtained from CO 2 gas given off by a microorganism that had been grown with media enriched with 13 C glucose. Identify the four ion peaks shown by placing a label (ion composition and charge as illustrated) for the corresponding cations on the blank lines provided. (8) b) Identify what is meant by each of these mass spec developments and list one advantage of each method: (6) MALDI – ESI – c) Consider a time-of-flight experiment. If it takes 28 microsec for a triply charged ion of mass 55,000 Da to reach the detector, estimate the time of arrival for the same particle carrying four charges to reach the detector? __________________ (6)
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2. Ligand Binding: a) Consider the problem of multiple binding equilibria. The Scatchard Equation is often given as: ν /[S] = (1/Kd)(n - ν ). What is the meaning of the “n” and “ ν ” terms in this equation, and illustrate on the figure how plotting ν vs. ν /[S] can yield information on the number of binding sites and the value of Kd. “n” =
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Exam_3_s05 - Spring'05 Hackert CH370(51995 CH387D(52080...

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