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COE 2001 L - Statics (Fall 2007) Lecture summary Aug 21 Course introduction Basics: vector description and operations, etc. (Chapter 1) Aug 23 Forces (2.1–2.2) Aug 28 Forces (2.2) Aug 30 Equilibrium of a particle and system of particles (2.3–2.4) Sep 04 Moment: Introduction and cross product Sep 06 Moment of a force about a point and a line (3.1–3.3) Sep 11 Moment (cont’d); Couple (3.3–3.4)
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Unformatted text preview: Sep 13 Equivalent systems of forces (3.6) Translation of a force to another point (3.7) Sep 18 Equivalent system of forces (3.8) Distributed forces (3.9) Sep 20 Relationship between moments about two points (3.5) General equilibrium: Introduction (4.1–4.2) Sep 25 General equilibrium: Examples Sep 27 General equilibrium: 3D Example 1...
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