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09.04.08 Class Notes

09.04.08 Class Notes - similar to ireland lower area of...

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09/04/08 SPAIN Spain is on the Iberian peninsula 15 kilometers from Africa, connected to the straight of Gebratler Pirineos mountains separate Spain from France fourth largest European country population 40 million second most mountainous countries in Europe “qieren dice espana, dice todo” Spain has interacted more with Africa than with central Europe very rich in mineral resources iberian peninsula is called the skin of a bull stretched out “great castle raising from the sea” political division 17 autonomous regions 15 provinces 5 major geographic regions **Know the region and province of the mentioned city Andalucia 1. cantabrica (cantabrian) 2. pirineos (pyrenees) 3. meseta (plateau) 4. levante (levant) 5. andalucia (andalusia) Cantabrica (Antlantic Region) galecia (made up of four provinces)
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Unformatted text preview: similar to ireland lower area of elevation heavy rain fall (500m mountains) rias (river that flow into the ocean and form rock structures) fishing center (main economic activity was fishing and ship building) timber is part of the economy horreos are used for grain storage Santiago de Compostela, (church) in galecia picos de europa, highest peeks in the area sheep are a major part of spains economic activity, during the renosants spain exported a lot of wool Basque Country ■ bilbo/bilbao, euskadi ■ gugenthiem in the basque country ■ ebro is the only river that flows west to east ■ aregon ■ barcelona ■ alicante – very rich agricultural area (best rice and palm, orange) area known as the levant ■ benidorm...
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