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09.09.08 class notes - ages was based heavily on wool...

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HISP 09.09.08 Cantria is in the north, contains the picos de europe has the original settlers of spain, with many of the cave dwellers and cave paintings catalonia has very fertile soil, many of the counties wine growing goes on there levante (valencia), best beaches – very high population density La Mancha, Castilla-La Mancha the duero is the river that is assosiated with the northern part of spain, flows into the atlantic through portugal -known as castilla vieja, old castille center of spanish power is here, has the most kingdoms very cold winters, very hot summer 9 months of winter, 3 months of hell very low population tajo river flows through madrid, very dry peninsula major towns create themselves right on the rivers in spain seperates castilla de leon from castilla de mancha castilla de la mancha - spain used to be covered in forest spain lost most of its vegitation because of pasture, sheep pasture, spains economy in the middle
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Unformatted text preview: ages was based heavily on wool Guadiana River disappears underground in some parts of spain flows through the region of extremadura, empties in the gulf of cadiz Extremadura, on the west side of spain, very dry region plateau, very low population, grazing of sheep and cattle is the main industry also the cultivation of cork is very popular here pig farming is very popular here jamon serrano city of barajos Andalucia guadalquivir runs through this area this river allows the ships of conquest to enter spain tourism is a bbig part of the econmy, costa del sol, cities like malaga cordoba (city) is in this area sevilla has many citrus trees here the vegatlables and fruits were originally brought over by the arabs malaga, largest city down on the mediteranean cost Baleares islands ibiza is located here...
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