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Groups of People that settled in Spain iberians celts greeks tartessians phoenecians carthegenians Cave paintings in cantabria, (altamida) – the earliest evidence of human inhabitation predates this (25- 30 thousand years ago) evidence that people were her before this is the stone tools found Use of bone- clear evidence of intelligence throught evidence that early humans were either recording history or planning for the future (hard evidence) cannot call these people Spaniards 10,000 BC find first evidence of more sophisticaled art, the cave painting of altimida Levante Region we find more sophisticated examples of art, pyrinean art (5000 years ago) – dynamic paintings Then we get to the Iberians (3000bc-1500bc) the people of the iber (ebro) iberians take up most of the central and north eastern part of spain
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Unformatted text preview: ● associate them with the ebro and the duero river ● migrated through the north and pyrinese as well ● iberia is artistically called an untamed and bellicose (“fighting iberia”) ● known to build at a high elevation ● romans come in and build more advanced structures ● Toros de Guisando ● between 3000bc and 1000bc permanent settlements start to emerge ● 5000bc starts the beginning of agricultural societies Celts ● take root in the west and northwest ● form the background to the present day Portuguese ● bag pipes are found in galecia, have a very keltic influence Bronze Age (2400bc-1100bc) ● development of more sophisticated tools beings, with bronze we are bale to have much more durable tools...
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