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09.11.08 part 2 - Phoenecians(are related to the...

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able to build weapons the weapons shape the history of spain and the interaction of al these groups in spain Falcata sword fertility and feminine figurines or bronze are made, shows a level of sophistication Iron Age (1100bc-600bc) celtiberians the guerrilla warfare Dama de Elche fuentes it trying to emphasize the refinement of her features Dama de Baza necklaces were made of silver Dama de Ibiza Dama Sentada, in granada Toro de Azaila bicha de balalote Iberians and Celts are the two main settlers of Spain groups begin to blend in some areas and become the celt iberians Tartessians established in andalucia, they form the ethic make up of the andalucians Tarshish, the ships of Tashish, called the prophet Johanas from the south of spain
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Unformatted text preview: Phoenecians (are related to the carthegenians) center of power is the city of Tire , present day lebonan sea faring group traders, they had tremendous power in the mediteranean -eastablish some of the earliest ports in the south of spain that would eventually turn into major cities cadiz *************know this malaga Onoba – Huelva Sexi – almunecar come up with the idea of fish salting -gold silver, copper, lead, iron, olives Carthagenians come from north africa come from carthage (in tunis) they establish their main center of power there in 814 BC this becomes a major power that competes with the Greeks Carthago Nova → carthagena becomes an important port in spain...
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