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09.16.08 notes part 2 - -cases of cannibalism -by the time...

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Scipio Aemilianus (Africanus and Numantinus) “The Younger” Conquers – Cartage ** dates this is the grandson of the elder Cartage – 146 BC Numancia – 133BC Numancia is an area of resistance and pride -8000 numancian fighting 20,000 roman legions and still the romans could not break the spirit of the numanicans -the numancians by a leader called – Viriatus (he is from the region of lucitania, portugal) -represents the david in the david and goliath story -it took years for the romans to take the city, niether side would give in -eventually under the command of Scipio, he is able to take down the city -he blocks off the city, keeps water and food outside the city -scipio brings in 60,000 soldiers and for over a year, the numancians are starved to death
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Unformatted text preview: -cases of cannibalism -by the time the romans took over there were only 500 people left -the numancians never offically surrendered -city is in north central spain -hispana was the richest part fo europe for the roman empire-had iron democratic metal-romans are finally able to venture into the actual center of the penninsula -create roads in everywhere except for the basque region -the roads of the romans eveuntaully divide spain into its current territories -Roman civitas barcino barcelon tarraco tarragona valentia valencia toletum toledo emerita augusta merida gades cadiz onoba huelva corduba cordoba hispalis sevilla ceasar augusta sararagosa...
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