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Carthaginian Empire at its height the Carthaginian empire controlled all of northern Africa Rome is the greatest foe of Carthaginian empire, the clash of the two empires plays out on the Iberian peninsula PUNIC WARS Cartage v. Rome 1 st Punic War (264-241)BC cartage looses sicily, Corsica and Sardania 2 nd Punic War (218-201BC) Hannibal Barca(crosses pyreness, defeated outside of rome) Rome conquers Gadir(Cadiz), Cartago Nova (206BC) Hannibal pshed back to Africa (202BC) Barca family is the most powerful, the city of Barcelona was based from this family 3 rd Punic War 149-146 BC Rome destorys Cartage (146BC) Carthaginians start the sea fare and trade culture of rome between the Iberians and the Celt Iberians, as well as the Tartesians Romes arrival in Rome does not signify the first encounter of the the Iberians with the civilized world In 237 BC carthage starts to loose spain from the romans Cartage began the process of state building and pushed into the pennensula and did not just
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