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Hidalgo – class of people developing in spain fuentez – thinks that the romans brought roads and organizations to spain turn spain into a “state” - connecting it penninsula, made Emporion Ampurias – greek city, built roman culture into the areas the conquered the Iberian peninsula was the richest territory in rome why? -the population accepted roman domination -sea faring -mineral wealth -garun, (fish paste) Emperor Vespasian 69-79 AD “jus latinum” - one of romes greatest legacies → means justice and laws, the laws that brought all hispano romans together, the basis for a civil society the laws were brought to all men “frame work for the establishment of a state” a state that provides for its citizens, provides defense, the citizens have certain duties to provide for the state transition from tribe to state ******
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Unformatted text preview: – everyone under the empire had to comply and was under this jus latinum Hispano Romans – by the first century AD, the hispano romans come into existence Rome's Legacy – common language (latin) – (castellano) spanish – galician – catalan valencian-balearic – portuguese – rights of citizenshi[ – preoperty rights/duties – indiivudal rights/duties – urbanization – organized state – division of labour – communication/trade As the romans start to tincrease taxes, 2 nd 3 rd century AD, people start to move to the subarbs, leading to a deurbanization of roman cities. n – Paterfamilias – man, head of the household, had power over all of the deals of the household, this concept comes to us from Rome's legacy – see this concept play into the Spanish world...
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