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9.18.08 notes part 2 - (the barbarians make the roman...

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- - this is a legal term - this process of romanization breaks down the tribalism of the iberian pennisula, there starts to be a general tolerance of people of other ethnicities - rome starts to fall - there is a decline in moral fiber - abuse of power in rome - increased taxation - people building villas (villae) outside of the city - these were self sufficient - roman empire starts to fall somewhat because of the spread of christianity - rome starts to decline - cost to maintain borders - the arrival of the barbarian groups Barbarians -anyone living outside the empire was considered a barbarian two things that happen spread of christianity spread of barbaric tribes many of the barbaric tribes converted to christianity the great communication network of rome allowed for the rapid spread of christianity lation as a common language allowed for it to spread very easily Ways of barbarians in Spain 409- first invasion of the penninsula
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Unformatted text preview: (the barbarians make the roman empire shift east) the visigoths take over the penninsula, franks take over french two main barabaric groups 1. visagoth (visigodos) 2. suevos Bizantinos – the bizanties, the remains of the roman empire in the routh of the pennisula Cantabros and the vascones are the Basques Visigoths – have origin in the Baltic region, then they split and enter Rome Visigoths pick up Christianity and enter Spain through the peninsula, bring Christianity into Spain Fuentes – look at the barbarians as a parenthesis of the roman empire- he sees them just as a continuation of the roman empire, the barbarian empire was not totally destruction-after 500 years of roman influence the peninsula was completely changed -the best weapon of the visagoths was christianity-the visgoths used many of the roman institutions -spain, according to fuentez, Is roman...
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