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Byzantine group – were the left over of the roman empire, in 476 the roman empire was split up the byzantine empire had a presence in Spain, the byzantine empire had an important presence in Asia minor and Greece, had a great artistic influence it was the Christian roman empire find byzantine art is Visigothic art and structures Important Visigothic Kings leovigild (569-586) expels Byzantines from Levant Founds city of Vitoria (gasteiz) unifies Visigoths Hermeningild (564-585) rebels convert to catholicism banished, executed and canonized Visigoth were Arians, did not believe in the Holy Trinity Recared I (586-601_ -official visigothic conversion to Catholicism (called the 3 rd Council of Toledo) this is when Spain becomes officially catholic 589 is the date when Recared converts to catholicism the visagoths do not have the same authoritarian control that the romasn did, but then the Church is able establish this type of authority that was once possessed by the roman empire
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