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church enters the political region 'sees it self as the keeper of culture, tradition, and religious continuity” → the church remains constant church adopts Latin as its official language, same with the Visigoths the hierarchy of the church replaces the hierarchy of Rome Saint Isidore (Visigoth) (560-636AD) he is the bishop of Seville he is the best representation of this hispano visigoth culture he wrote a lot on the history of the visigoth culture very moderate thinker concerning the power of the church and the king wrote one of the first encyclopedia
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Unformatted text preview: patron saint of the internet Visigoth Legacy Latin adopted by the visigothic kinds, used by common peoples Catholicism increased role of the church in state affairs, churches structure replaces Rome moral compass Byzantine Art in metalurgy, and architecture Seeds of the Reconquista (reconquest) are planted Some Words that are used with Visigothic Origins Gude(lugo) Godos (Teruel) Revillagodos (Burgos) Burgos Bandera Gonso Eslabon...
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