09.25.08 Hisp Class Notes

09.25.08 Hisp Class Notes - ● Mohammad around 600AD...

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Unformatted text preview: ● Mohammad around 600AD starts to spread the word of Islam ● Byzantium became the first line of defense on the part of the Christians from Muslim expansion ● Byzantium stopped the spread of Islam into europe, by becoming a border between the Christian world and the Muslim world ● in north Africa, the Muslim movement starts to spread like wildfire ● Charles Martel – stops the progression of the moors ● Islam is born in 622, the spread of Islam is facilitated by tensions within the byzantine empire and the weakening of the Persian Empire ● The barber tribes in north africa helped make up the man power of the arab army ● Jebel-al Tarik –> where we get the name Gibralter, he is the Berber chief who cross the straight in 711AD ● Tarik takes advantage of the interal power struggles of the Visagoths ● Count Julian and Tarik – defeats king Roderick of Guadalete - ● Al-andalus Islam in Spain ● Count Julian – story of the last governor of Spanish city, the king rapes his daughter and he lets...
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