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09.25.08 notes part 2

09.25.08 notes part 2 - Jaqueca(headache india created the...

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Geography alcala (caslte) almaden(mine) Gibralther (the hill of tarik) Guadalajra (the river of stones0) Guadalquivir (great river) Guadarrama (river of sand) There is a return of Artistolian Philosophy in Europe Optics and Lens (telescope) are developed chemistry, water distillation is developed established right along the Guadalquivir mathetmatics and the concept of zero algebra cero(zero) cifra (cipher, number) alquimia alcohol Cenit (zenith) Nadir Aldebaran (star in Taurus) Antares (star in Scorpio)
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Unformatted text preview: Jaqueca (headache) india created the concept of zero Gvoernment and Daily Life Adeuana (custom house) Alcalde (mayor) Aldea (village) Almacen (storehouse) Arrabal (suburb) Alcantarilla (Sewer, Drain) Alquiler (rent) Ahorrar (to save) Beauty was at the center of Moorish life (cosmetics emerged) Agriculture Azucar Arroz Acietuna Alcachofa (artichoke( Beremjena (eggplant) Alfalfa Naranja Algodon...
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