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Hispalis – Ishbiliya → sevilla sevilla replaces cordoba andaluce history of sevilla 711-1492 the golden of al-andalus is in cordoba calephate (the kingdom) mid to late 10 th century – cordoba beings to decline in al-analus in 1030 Independent tarifs (tawaifs = factions/parties) → 1031-1340AD end of independent caliphate of cardoba alliances with islamic North African Group almoravids (win battle of Zalaca 1086) these are break away kingdoms that also have internal struggles at the time christians rebeled under the power of the muslims christians that were taxed under the power of the muslims also rebeled almohads ( win battle of alarcos 1196) defeated a navas de tolosa 1212 these are religious movements that start out in north africa these two groups are called in by the thype(local) kings
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Unformatted text preview: ○ this opens the flood gate to a new manifestation of islam ○ Benimerines (defeated at the battle of salamanca 1340) ○ christians take gibraltar ○ african armies abandon Peninsula ● Summary of Al-andalus ○ eastern influences – greece, byzantium, damascus, persia, and beyond ○ gunpowder ○ concept of zero ○ silk ○ paper ○ crystal ○ Hellenic culture translation into arabic (ex. Aristotle) ● averoes (ibn Rushd) ○ dynamic mix of hispanic – visogothic and islamic people and cultural elements ○ La alhambra, indpeendent kingdom of granada ○ 1231-1492 ● Reconquest ○ takes about a century of military conquest ○ begins in the very north of spain ○ castilla takes over leon (on the west)...
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