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09.30.08 notes part 2 - christian kings start to give money...

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catalunia and aragon join forces portugal becomes its own independent kingdom northern cities are the first to be reconquered the alliance of navarra and castilla, and castilla and aragon → then that starts to create the modern spanish empire battle opf covadonga, 718 – led by pelayo in the early 700's – led by Pelayo the christians take their first victory in the mountains during the new conquest – churches start to be built reconquest starts with covadonga – ends with granada
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Unformatted text preview: christian kings start to give money and tax breaks for new people to move to the border of the mores Fueros – special privledges to frontier cities Hidalgos – independent freemen, lower nobility Heros of the Reconquest Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (bivar) “EL cid Campeador” (1043-1099) outside city of burgos he becomes the ideal lord his story comes to us in the form of a poem, re counting his tales of conquest...
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