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10.02.08 notes part 2

10.02.08 notes part 2 - ewnoguht to leave a real mark on...

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MULADIES – christians who converted to the muslim faith TORNADIZOS – Muslims who converted to Christianity Sefarad – jewish community in Spain (hispano jewish community) under king csyabud – visagoths persecuted Under the reconquest the jews start to set apart during the reconquest there is a surge of antisemistism the jews more underground the jews were attacked because they were false converts to christianity Alfonse X “El sabio” Alphonse X “the wise” King 1252-1284 he embodies this need to reconquer and meet the politcal and terirtorial demands of the cities the cortes and the crown, to rechrisitanize spain, he also realizes that the moors were there long
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Unformatted text preview: ewnoguht to leave a real mark on the penninsula, he says u cannot just expel all the moors because so much of the city is die to moorish technology he is an enlightened king of the middle ages he does reconquer spain but he surrounds himself with people of all religions, he was writer, wrote book sof law and science, chess most famous for his books of music, cantigas de santa maria writen in galacio-protugues this is language associasted with lyric poetry, very respected language...
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