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10.28.08 - Yukantan differs from central plateau in terms...

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Yukantan differs from central plateau in terms of geography and climate there are gods that are related to the tremors of the earth that yukatan is very pore, porous, water seeps through limestone soil, very difficult to grow Maya were forced to trade with groups outside the Yucatan leading to trade routes and a military class development of the state, state became stronger and more autocratic most famous of ruins of the city states are chichen itza, late classic maya ruins more sophisticated ruins, most famous pyramid in the maya Uxmal - by the 10 th century the Maya retreated into the forest, the monuments were not destroyed so we do not know why they disappeared Maya empire disappeared 500 years before the arrival of the Spanish, Blessing, that they did not come into contact with the Spanish because their culture was not pillaged Maya within the classic period re bale to develop a higher level of mathematics and astronomy
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