Lec 2 - Geography 50AC Westward the Course of Empire...

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Geography 50AC January 19, 2006 Westward the Course of Empire California in the age of White Supremacy Lecture 2 European Dominance ~1500-1900 o Unique in Scope Covers the world by 1800s o Unique new economy Capitalism Especially > 1650 Holland and England Spain never really got it, fairly futile o Especially > 1700 From discovery to conquest o Trade > 1500 Portuguese were the first out the gate Not big enough, nor powerful to hold dominance o Conquest (colonization) Americas > 1500 Fall under the fastest and hardest Rest of World > 1750 The great conquest in Asia French and British fought over India in 1750 o Spreading conquest Americas > 1500-1700 Southeast Asia > 1600 India 1700 China was never fully conquered Europeans had the power to take over the rest of the world. Arrogance expands to fill the space conquered o Chauvinism All the great civilization have it o Power corrupts o Americans Join in United States joins the great powers Manifest Destiny > 1840 International colonies > 1898 Argentina was one of the richest country in the world at one point Latinos complain about Argentinean Arrogance o Supremacy becomes racialized Race becomes absolute Colorbar, Miscegenation o Racism becomes scientific in 1800s Declared European dominance Rise of modern Science Linguistics (Aryans) o Finding roots o Indo-European ties by language Indian ties excited whites o Human races ideology becomes popular Darwin & Evolution o Survival of the Fittest Proceeds White Supremacy Overlords of the Americas Spain and Portugal in vanguard
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Spanish warmed up on the Iberian Peninsula o Took several hundred years to take the entire Iberian Peninsula
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Lec 2 - Geography 50AC Westward the Course of Empire...

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