10.30.08 Ilan Pack 5 reading notes

10.30.08 Ilan Pack 5 reading notes - Grandmother thought...

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Unformatted text preview: Grandmother thought that Columbus was uneducated but yet at the same time he possessed a kind of celestial power turning him into a type of Messiah he was man like no other he had two masks he was a savior to people because they want him to be a savior, opinions about Columbus according to Ilan are that his legacy is based on opinion. Columbus did not know the true extent to his success The history of the life of Columbus can be distinguished from the fiction, even though we do not know everything about him Washington riving wrote about Columbus from a personal relation to the senerio Columbus's face represented Irving's – a mirror Columbus according to Carpentier, in the book “Harp and The shadow” is a blood thirsty explorer wants to prove a magical realism movement Columbia university is named after Columbus showing his great legacy in modern culture By the 18 th century the fame of Columbus exploded thanks to literature There is little doubt that the vikings were the first to reach North America but they did not bring...
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