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10.30.08 Lecture the location of Meso-American building were aligned with the positions of the stars Caracol observatory – means snail in Spanish only circular structure found in Meso America the number of 260 came up from the cycle of Venus 260 day ritual calender 365 agricultural calender – know why there are two 584 day Venus cycle Calender Round – 52 years Great Cycle – 104 years Long Count – beings at 3113BC (ends December 12, 2012) 3113 is the beginning of time calender becomes increasingly complex as Mayan society becomes more sophisticated every ritual, ceremony is timed perfectly every facet of daily life regulated by the heavens (planting, harvesting, trade, war, travel, marriage, etc) Astronomer-Mathematician-Priests act as intermediaries between society and Time (heavens, calenders) sink holes in the Yucatan, used as ritual pools, people were thrown in and sacrificed Architecture blends with nature and is aligned and designed to keep and help the Mayans keep
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