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Paracas nasca Pre-incan societies needed to organize in order to properly harvest crops cyclical agricultural cycles very wet one season very dry the other Paracas Culture culture on the central southern coast of Peru they are known for incredibly elaborate textiles picture of a priest in the picture, intense color in textiles Nasca _ coastal peruvian / pre -incian civilization active from 200BC to 700AD ceramic container classic period in central america Stirrup handle panchromatic (very colorful) Animal, human, and fantastical motifs anthropomorphic Nasca's claim to fame ** the Nasca Lines in Coastal Peru Daniken thinks these lines are from Aliens the lines are so well preserved because the coast of peru is so dry Avini has made the connection between the lines and objects in the sky and the animal figures and constellations in the sky very mountainous and dry area there is some reason to believe that the lines were hydrological survey lines that
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