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11.13.08 Notes - 1789 is an important year(French...

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1789 – is an important year (French revolution) period of the great absolute monarchy after 1453 – is the start of rational thinking this is the year of the union of catholic monarchs Montserrat Monastery – music from class ( 15 th century) close to Barcelona this was a place of pilgrimage (passed through on their way to santiago de compostella) People came from France part of the Christian force this is the same force that kicked out the muslims this music has influences from throughout Europe these influences were also the influences that led to the Renaissance Copernicus – put the sun in the center of the solar system He says that the Greeks already knew about this Jaracha (Halevi) – some of the earliest poems that combine elements of Spanish with Hebrew The combination of influences that leads Spain into the modern age military expansion spiritual renewal Sense of righteousness
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