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11.25.08 class notes

11.25.08 class notes - The americas were first thought to...

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The americas were first thought to be asia gold and silver lead to massive amounts of wealth this is a very wealthy period for spain, but the underside to that fuentes “spain was poor beause spain was rich” - this period of exploration and colonization, exploitation of rescources double edged sword, too much wealth that is not properly invested Spain becomes very poor because they money does not lead spain into the modern world 200 years , the period we call the golden age is misleading – incredible productivity, but an increase in social decay, widing gap between rich and poor irresponsible monary and governing class' Start in 1492 – the in 1700 (the end of the Hapsburg Monarchy) this is the graph of wealthy we see the wealth decline, rise is British power, wars faught on too many fronts, spending too much money golden age is the most significant age of art and poetry spain offers the first american dream
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