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11.30.08 notes part 2 - – one of the earliest cultures...

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Atacama desert – northern Chile, southern Peru, one of the driest places on earth the pre-hispanic higher elevation requires different crops due to climate changes, at the highest point the vegetation is made for the grazing of livestock La Paz – highest national capital in the world Chavin Culture (900-500BC) Mochica (moche) (200-700AD) Coastal Civilization Paracas 300BC -300AD Nasca 200BC – 700AD Chimu 1000-1470AS Tihuancota (300-900AD) original Inca People – tehuacan in mexico to the aztec Chavin
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Unformatted text preview: – one of the earliest cultures examples of culture . ... drawings, textiles, motives, feline figure, condor maks, might have olmec influence Chimu capital – Chan Chan → not much is left (coastal peru, desert) chimu ceremonial dagger advances agricultural techniques Moche – Mochica , Funeral mask Moche burial ground mostly known for their ceramics (elaborate) Moche ceramic vessel with stirrup handle/spout Erotic Motif vessel with, “stirrup handle/spout”...
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