Fuentes Reading Notes 93-110

Fuentes Reading Notes 93-110 - Fuentez Reading pg 93 110...

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Fuentez Reading pg 93 – 110 The Rise and Fall of th Indian World American was empty until masses of ice from the artic region make a passage over the Bering Sea Nomads entered the western hemisphere 48,000 years ago carvers hunters cave dwellers, people who hunt the mammoth Bernal Diaz describes the game these people hunt (rabbit, duck) 7500-2500 Bc the development of agriculture turned these people into sedentary farmers, and they moved into villages Quetzalcoastl, the Plumed Serpent, the creator of mankind, was the first one to discover corn he was praised as the creator of man, agriculture and village society Mayan bible is the Popol Vub Humanity was born in sacrifice Dwarf god with ulcers jumps into fire and becomes sun handsome god jumps in next and becomes the moon The forces of the universe were considered a constant force of danger evolution village → ceremonial center → empire Meso America region of central Mexico to Nicaragua carried a set of beliefs that the world that the world had been created several times told by the stone calender center of the disk is held by an image of the sun sticking his tougue out (meaning that it was shining) the four cardinal points frame this image four creations and 4 catastrophes the first sun was destroyed by a juguar the second sun was destroyed by the fierce wind the third by rain fourth by a great flood people were now living under the fifth sun this sun was born by the sacrifice of the gods and can on;y continue through the sacrifice of men and women nature had to be both loved and feared myth was the interpretation that explained reality time and death became the axes of the Indian world the gods were the cause of everything good and bad the Indians elected their leaders based on
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Fuentes Reading Notes 93-110 - Fuentez Reading pg 93 110...

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