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Pico de Neblina – at the south of the Guiana Highlands The northern part of brazil is part of these highlands Mt. Roraima – where brazil, venezuela, and guyana meet Angel Falls in venezuala is the highest waterfall in the world Brazil has falls from the parana and iguacu rivers llanos – plains of south america located in the oricono basin the paraguay, parana, and the uraguay rivers combine to form the rio de la plata the basin is in the chaco of western paraguay, and northwest argintina Serra del Mar? Middle America harsh weather conditions and rapid changes in climate Mexican civilizations teotihuacan toltecs tarascans michoacan The lower gulf coast of mexico is the wetter area, 3000mm of rain/year' Colon, in panama is also a very wet city South America Quibdo, northwest columbia, very wet city north ecuadorian coast is also very wet In Santa Elena Pennisula, very dry western south america is very dry Peru Oceanic Current (Humboldt) flowing up from the south
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Unformatted text preview: Peruvian Coastal Current cool north moving current prevents rain Garua a light mist El Nino off shore flows and on shore precipitation in peru lomas small plants ans grasses Atacama desert of northern chile only the loa manages to make it to the coast Valdiva, chilean city the bio bio river was the frontier during colonial times between the spanish in chile and the araucanians Chile feels the roaring forties microclimates are a common feature of the andes Chibcha culture in bogota columbia fourished, and the spanish then brought in corn and cattle Quito ia heavily populated capital city in ecuador In Cuenca, in the andean basin, cattle and dairy thrive In peru the most obvious example of local modification of the environment if lake titicaca Valley of Cuzco, in the puruvian andes, heart of the inca empire many llamas and alpacas...
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