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Reading pack 4 Domingo Lazaro de Arregui: wrote about the arid landscape, and the extention of the journey because of the need for water -the land was not and is not helpful to human habitation -people are far from taming it Veracruz : tropical, warm and wet city on the gu;f coast of mexico Volcano cann Citlalepetl – the hill of the star not called Pico de Orizaba the highest peak in mexico Sierra Navada de Santa Marta – in north east columbia rapid changes occur with out vertical movement The high cool semi desert around the Bolivian capital of La PAZ Yungas -humid semi tropical valleys in the andes Patagonia – in chile? Deciduous rainforest The geology and surface formations of north america continue down into northern and central mexico Antiplano – the largest feature, the plateau Sieraa Madre Occidental – on the west coast Siera Madre Oriental – east coast (named so for obvious reasons) Altiplano is mexico's most imposing physical feature
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Unformatted text preview: Volcanoes Popocatepetl Ixaccihuatk (white lady) close to mexico city Paricutin began to rise in the area The old crystalline rock the southern highland of mexico is one of the most rugged areas Old Antillia: land mass that once connected the carribean islands a with central america it touches the southern tip of mexico anlong with guatemala, and hondorus Antillean Foreland flat area of lime stone limestone is porous the yukatan has few surface streams cenotes sink holes filled with water The gulf coast low land is more fertile The andes run from the caribbean to the tiera del fuego longest continuous range in the world Aconcagua the highest mountain of the andes in western argintina High mountains in ecuador cotopaxi chimborazo deep valleys maker east to west movement difficult columbia is difficult to navigate the causa and the magalena river valleys Cordilliera Real...
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