09.09.08 phil 353 class notes(rtf)

09.09.08 phil 353 class notes(rtf) - Presocratic...

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Presocratic philosophers Hesiod → Thales → amaximander Office hours – Monday (9-11am) peel 3465 fourth floor dial 6054 becareful of the assumption of the material presuppose physical laws, which is not always consistent in Greek philosophy there is in hesiod – taxonimany, or categorization that makes some kind of scene – to glue things to get can be considered rational night gives birth to sadness, “taxonomic scene” aspects of the cosmological that we need to clean up amphapatrensism in hesiod – most of these things are thought of as dieties normal things are anthropomorphized in this philosophy we view things that may not be intended to be read literaly plato's tymasius – tells reads that this is a myth, he presents it as a myth as foreground to combat its speculative thinking plato is very literary in prose hesiodic cosmological, he offers very similar explanations for governing the phemonoimcal for very different types of entities, natural, super natural, are all explained via the samre source of causal mechanisms I.e. sexual reproductions entities that are under the same category are thought of as coming from the same things ***this is not in hesiod things that go hand in hand go into ontological categories, we are conccerned about what times of entities that we are going to draw upon to create an explanation based on causal explanations plato thinks forms in particular are different sorts of things and he goes to explain the properties of these things in different ways Hesiod – the preservation of an oral tradition, made implicitt in the myth himself, hes a sheep herder and the nymphs come when he is asleep what he is doing is reportage this is an oral tradition that becomes frozen when Hesiod chooses to right the story down and freeze it characteristic of enterprises that ought to be philosophical, philosophical stand, philosophy intends to make advances, that is a critical enterprise, intended to advance the field, hes not engaging a tradition, he is just reporting the creation myth ** no critical stand that is taken internally Hecatasius – first historian, wrote on families histories, important for Mediterranean people most Greek families tried to trace their families back to the gods hecatasius – says he is going to discuss Greek family genealogy, says what I say is how it goes, I
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This note was uploaded on 09/07/2009 for the course PHIL 353 taught by Professor Louis during the Spring '09 term at McGill.

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09.09.08 phil 353 class notes(rtf) - Presocratic...

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