09.11.08 Class notes anaxamander

09.11.08 Class notes anaxamander - Anaxamander (milesians)...

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Anaxamander (milesians) 09.11.08 Concerning those who say that is (the originative substance) is one and moving and aperion (the subject is some group of thinkers that share certin issues) , anaxamander, son of Praxiades of Milestus, a follower and student of Thales, said that the principle aristolian word (arche) and element (stoikeia) of beings is the aperion, he being the first to coin this name of the principle (arche). He says that it is neither water nor some other of the things called elements, but some other aperion nature, from which came to be all the heavens and the ordered worlds within them, And the source of coming into being for existing things is that into which destruction too happens. 3465 peel 4 th floor office hours Anaxamander – what are the characteristics of that things that anaxamander calls the aperion the aperion is meant to play in some sence a role parrael to that that water pkayed to thales (thought by Aristotle) what does the word aperion literally mean in greek when you have an “a”, it negates the rest of the word, meaning not perien, meaning an edge so soemthing that is aperion is something that lacks an edge or boundary it can also mean by extension that which is indefinite, something that lacks boundaries, lacks determinate being, something not clear it becomes for Aristotle the word used for the technical notion for th infinite but we should not assume this for Anaxamander it can also mean that which is untriversable, (in homer there is a sea that is said to be aperous) which means it is so vast it cannot be crossed thing named the aperion played the role which aristile claimed the principles in geneeral played, he named it aperion, can be sescribing quallitiative or quantiivatinve or the originail souncee, the principle can be qualitatively or quantitatively aperion or named the aperion “an aperion amount of something” “qualitativly aperion, it is indefinite, it is an indefinite substance” some argue for both” we can draw a conclusion from the text the in passage above ; the aperion is being contrasted with the elements, how? Both the elements and the aperion, have the property of being aperion, but the aperion, the thing, is being contrasted with the elements in so far that is is being aperion in another way, it is aperion in nature anaxamander's principal is different because he names it the aperion “the aperion” is qualitatively indefinity why? The only way a definite element can be aperion is if it is quantitative
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09.11.08 Class notes anaxamander - Anaxamander (milesians)...

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