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09.16.08 class notes - Anaxamander "the underlying nature...

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Anaxamander “the underlying nature is and infinite, but not undefined as Anamaxander said but definite , for he identifies as air; as it differs in its substantial nature by rarity and density. Being made finer it becomes fire, being made thinker it becomes wind, then cloud, then water, then earth, then stones. And the rest come into being from these. Some people look at this and say Anaxamander had a theory of evolution, wrong, humans in general came forth from the origins of another species, the problem he is attempting to solve is the classic chicken egg problem certain creatures seem not able to take care fo themselves until they reach maturity, hes trying to make scene of that given his more developmental of the stages of the cosmos when the bark had broken off they lived a different kind of life the different stages of these creatures result in different kind of lives “humans were born of creatures of a different kind” humans need prolonged creatures “how do you get the first humans” claim is that humans arose from fish or creatures very like fish, “in these humans grow” the first first human arrived fully formed from fish eggs exploding plutar: “Anaxamander claimed that people came into being from inside fishes like sharks” theory is not of evolution,, but how you get to begin with species that are not self sufficient at birth nothing in this thoery is changing, fish and humans, fish do not become humans, if fish were to change that is the hall mark of a theory of evolution “what is the aperori” Anaxcemadies the duller of the trio, returns to thales view all is not water, all is air
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09.16.08 class notes - Anaxamander "the underlying nature...

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