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Quiz is closed books and notes frag number 4 most people do not think (understand or think straight) things in the ways they encountger them, nor do they recognize what they experience but believe their own opinions (translate to imagine things to themselves) the objects of sence perception are not in fact proper objects of knowledge, Heraclitus, the problem does not seem to be in the problems we enounter but the way we think about them, the problem is not with sence perception, but it is what you do with sence perception if you dont understand the language your not going to think things in the way you encounter them people do not recognize what they experience he is aware that all information we garner via sence perception is mediated by a cognitive process, we imagine things for ourselves plato uses equality – not be able to for a judgement of equality unless we have a prior understanding ordering (cosmos) – it is a military term for all is ambiguous
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