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10.30.08 Post-Elliatics In everything there is a portion of everything. .. DK B11, Simp. In Phys 164.23 we want to consider to what degree eliicatism may offer responses to all the post elliacts take off elliatism of all the post elliatic pluralists, reject (check audio) whole sale endorsement of ontology implicit, REJECT MONISM, do not reject ALL ELLIATIC ARUGMENTS, on could view all post elliatic Greek meta physical and non metaphysical as an attempt to reconcile the appearances of holding on to certain elliatic arguments set of arguments that all the post-elliatics, they all accept Parmenidian prohibition about coming to be and passing away, cannot having coming to be fro what is not committed to believing those things that they believes actually exist don't come to be one inconsistency : things appear to come to be things one is most committed to appear to come to be the main way they want to say the appearances in general terms, by rejecting elliatic monism, save the appearances, by denying the world is the way it appears to be deny actually existence to a wide class of the entities of which we are predisposes to based on sense perception If sense perception is guide we will be in agreement about what sorts of things appear to exist most of post elliatic pluralists deny, they hypothesis arrectically revisionist ontology allows for them to explain why the appears are as they appear to be can explain the appearances with out ,. ..*** Anasagerous is GREAT Exception he can allow a pluralist to be committed to the existence of a class of entities wider than that, and in far great accord of the appearances, the set of things that exists is co-extensive to the things you think exist by using sense perceptions you and I exist, for the Atomists we don't not an obvious conclusion to draw the particular way he responds, he endorses, are created to continue to allow for the existence of individual, organic, entities, unlike Empeticlesis Atomists all that real exists is atoms and void problem: hard to tell a what part of the corpuss we have they were aware to b what interpretation of texts did they give c. which did they deice to respond to and which of the texts we have are the ones they responded to relative dating is hard to make sense of, physical theory is hard to reconstruct, **he believes we can reconstruct a fair amount of his original theory from the texts that do exist we could figure out a fair amount of what he thinks Two fundamental parts to his theory 1. central claim of his physics of natural philosophy “in everything there is a portion of everything” theory of sperma, theory of seeds (aka)
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two **are related we need to attempt to figure out how new fragment (crucial text) that makes a substantive philosophical argument that
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10.30.08 class notes - 10.30.08 Post-Elliatics In...

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