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11.06.08 class notes - 11.06.08 mind is an exception, in...

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11.06.08 mind is an exception, in everything there is everything mind is a controlling active agent that is responsible for the initial differential of time of the original perfect mixture, to act of the mixture it cannot be part of everything one model particles co-extensive for each other once we can resurrect the blending model, this is model he has in mind, which would yield co-extensive bodies if true , he is endorsing physical principle Ontological difference BODY VS QUALITIES bodies, hit back, and do not become coextensive If Anaxagoras believes this, he is sharing a stoic view Void is an anti-body because it can be occupied, Void is space in this example Nutrition Model the extraction is not pure, but predominant the is A in B and B in A – but more flesh is extracted than banana start with a perfect mixture of everything At first perfect mixture appears like air, air is the predominant mixture (appears to be true) Mind (act of rotating) start getting things that are mixtures of everything with differential rations things appear difference with accord with that which is the predominant ingredient only Homiomerous things (homogenious) there is an asymmetry never ending up with something that contravenes the everything is in everything can argue via Zenoian Terms we often think that what we extract is not pure Everything is in everything if appears to be banana then there is more banana than everything else just has to be the main ingredient (does not have to be half or more) Impediclese Have the most information for him we have discovered new fragments from him on embryology about 10 years ago, in the margin of a book in Jerusalem Three aspects of Impediclese founder of four element theory the physical chemical theory in the west in the 17 th century earth, air, fire, water
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11.06.08 class notes - 11.06.08 mind is an exception, in...

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