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11.11.08 lecture notes

11.11.08 lecture notes - 11.11.08 The Atomists Lucipus is...

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11.11.08 – The Atomists Lucipus is the founder of Atomism, we have no fragments of him all the fragments come from democratis we have a lot of Democratis the Atomists are materialists the bulk of the fragments are ethical, they are not theoretical our ability to reconstruct Atomism is complicated by the fact that there is later a distinct school of Atomist thought, the Epicurean they are reviving Atomism, in the light of a specific set of objections Aristotle rejects the Atomists Epicureans create a different type of Atomism, but the two are fused falsely by later writers this has led to some crucial misunderstandings PreSocratic Atomism develops in response to Elliatic thought Ontolgoically they hypothesis the existence of 1. atoms 2. void these two things with Parmenides clearly in mind they characterize as beings and not beings “they say that both if them are” they hold that the elements are the full and the void, or the full and the empty they call it what is and what is not the void exists *** no less than body (another way to call atoms) two together are the material causes for existing things The void, nothing, and the infinite the first things are infinite in number, indivisible atoms, without any void in them, this is in the book the atoms claim that atoms and void existential atoms are hard, small, differently shaped bodies * that exist and move through the void properties : size, hard or compact when they encounter each other, they bounce off each other or become entangled form amalgamations of atoms atoms forming conglomerations give rise to things that appear to be in the world they have size they have shape they move, there is controversy whether of not they have weight they may have weight they move through the void the void exists* but it is nothing nothing exists, what is not is No motion Good evidence that Democratis accepts this premise takes as a a phenomenal given that motion therefore exits, uses it for an argument for the existence of the void
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Lucispis thought coming to be perishing motion polarity of existence agrees with appear to this extent Concedes that there is no motion without the void (fragment in book) based on sense perception we have to argue that motion exists, therefore the void exists things come to be and pass away when you hypothesize of the existence of the void(13:19)?
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11.11.08 lecture notes - 11.11.08 The Atomists Lucipus is...

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