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11.20.08 psc notes - Wine glasses are things that can hold...

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Wine glasses are things that can hold wine. All wine glasses can be shattered, they are shatter able. If a wine glass were to be shattered, it would not be able to hold wine. Therefore there are no wine glasses. Equam – art gallery 8? wine glass fallacy – takes the general form claiming that objects need to manifest the properties that they might have, meaning they are disposed to have those properties fallacy is the claim is that a wine glass, in virtue of being shatterable, is in the state it would be in if it would be shattered claim this same to be the form of fallacious reasoning, want claim that Atomists invoke individual atoms to respond to extend antititony All atoms have a non zero extension physically extended atoms are infinitely indivisible Physcial objects all ave a certain non-zero non-infinite extension. Physically extended objects are infinitely divisible. If a physically extended object were to be infinitely divided, ti would either come to have zero size or infinite size. Therefore there are no physical objects Ealiatics – there are problems with things being divided you could respond claiming there are things that are undivided he argues that the response is to hypothesis the existence undivided things, not indivisible things, → called the atoms certain fallacy at why indivisibility is at play we have to realize there is a distinct fallacy play suggests fallacy of wine glass is not fallacious has to do we how we relate division and divisibility to a related question what are bodies composed out of? Ealitics make claims about composition t extended bodies, relation ship of parts of bodies to bodies themselves, argue about the properties of the parts relationship between divisibility and composition is assumed it is taken as a principle that if a body is divisible into a collection then it is composed out of the collection or the parts it is thought that certain acts of division can tell you the ultimate parts that bodies are composed out of ultimate parts are thought to be privileged this collection is thought to have its properties transfer to the body it is composed
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11.20.08 psc notes - Wine glasses are things that can hold...

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