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UNIVERSITY PHYSICS YOUNG 21-12 - [a Charge e =—s_sci e at...

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Unformatted text preview: [a] Charge e =—s_sci e at? c. Let the magnitude cfthe unicncwn charge is {1. The distance cfthe here charges is r: crane n1. The magnitude cfthe electricfcrce FE = — 4' q? = H.2flflN IEn r" {5.5sz III—TE gr —[e.ee :e: anger-m3 r“ cEJ—eJ = BEGUM {H.JflflmT sc {12-354a‘ifl'fil1 die negati'e'e. —. [ti] The fcrce that the unitncwn charge exerts an the charge :1 is equal tc _F.I'-' , an dcwnward [1.200 N. ...
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