Catalysis notes 2 - Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics Recall...

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IIb-1 Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics Adsorption Surface reaction Desorption Recall that there are 7 steps to a heterogeneous catalytic reaction, i.e., (1) external mass transfer from bulk to catalyst external surface; (2) diffusion into pores; (3) adsorption; (4) surface reaction; (5) desorption; (6) diffusion out of pores; and (7) mass transfer from external surface to bulk fluid phase. Three of these steps are considered part of the catalytic reaction mechanism . They are: So, the catalytic reaction mechanism includes the events involving the catalytic surface or species adsorbed on the catalyst surface A A B B C C D D
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Catalytic reaction mechanism The model most often used to describe catalytic reactions is the Langmuir-Hinshelwood (also called Hougen-Watson, or LHHW) model. The reaction mechanism is written as a series of elementary steps, e.g.: The rate expression for an elementary step follows mass action kinetics; e.g., for the step (irreversible adsorption of A), the elementary step rate is The catalytic reaction rate is assumed to be equal to the rate of the intrinsically slowest elementary step in the mechanism (the rate limiting step, rls; also called the rate determining step). A(g) + s ← → A s B(g) + s ← → B s A s + B s ← → C s + D s C s ← → C(g) + s D s ← → D(g) + s s A s g A A k → + ) ( v A A A C P k r = A.s represents chemisorbed A. Generally, one
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Catalysis notes 2 - Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics Recall...

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