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CHE 4253 - Midterm Exam Instructor: Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou November 2, 2006. Name:………………………. OU ID or SSN:……………………… Answer all questions and show your calculations, if any are necessary. 1. (14 points) Indicate whether the following statements are True or False. (a) If we use the “rate of return based on discounted cash flow” as the interest rate in the Net Present Worth formula, we will find that NPW < 0. TRUE FALSE The definition of the ROR based on discounted CF gives: NPW=0. (b) An investment A is more risky than another investment B, when the standard deviation of the probability density function of the profit for investment A is much lower than that of B. TRUE FALSE The higher the standard deviation, the riskier the investment (c) Capitalized cost is a profitability measure that can be used for selecting between alternative pieces of equipment with different economic lives. TRUE FALSE (d) We can double the flow rate through a system and maintain the same pressure head by using a second similar pump connected in parallel. TRUE FALSE (e) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating safety in the workplace. TRUE FALSE OSHA is responsible for safety in the workplace. (f) In order to increase NPSHA, we can use a larger impeller in our pump. TRUE FALSE NPSHA refers to NPSH available by the system. The type of pump is irrelevant (g) As a rule of thumb, when we want high discharge pressures from a pump, we use a positive displacement pump. TRUE FALSE CHE 4253 Midterm, Page 1 of 5
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2. (12 points) A company wants to decide whether to raise the price of its product by 5cents/lb.
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midterm-key - CHE 4253 - Midterm Exam Instructor: Dimitrios...

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