Test 1 - CHE 4473 (Kinetics), Fall 2005 Test #1, 10/4/05...

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CHE 4473 (Kinetics), Fall 2005 Name ____________________ Test #1, 10/4/05 Instructions: Work all problems. Show your work and state any assumptions. OU Honor Council Integrity Pledge: On my honor, I affirm that I have neither given nor received inappropriate aid in the completion of this exercise. Name:______________________________________ Date:_____________________ 1. Ethanol and air (80% N 2 , 20% O 2 ) are fed to a PFTR, where the following gas phase irreversible reaction occurs: C 2 H 5 OH + O 2 2CH 2 O + H 2 O , -r A = kC A C B A + B 2C + D The molar ratio of ethanol to oxygen in the feed is 2:3 (i.e., 50% excess oxygen); the nitrogen acts as an inert. The inlet concentration and flow rate of the ethanol are 0.5 gmol/liter and 0.2 gmol/s, respectively, and the rate constant at the reactor temperature is k = 2.0 sec gmol liter . a. Assuming constant temperature in the reactor, calculate C A , C B , and C C at the position in the reactor where X = 0.5 and the total (absolute) pressure is 90% of the inlet pressure.
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Test 1 - CHE 4473 (Kinetics), Fall 2005 Test #1, 10/4/05...

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