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calculus 3 test 1 (2)

calculus 3 test 1 (2) - Math 2326 Test 1A I Last Name A ’...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 2326 Test 1A , I Last Name A ’ 1/7 /_ First Name 5 a 5 Use a scantron to make a selection so that the following sentences are true. On questions (1)-(3) use the given functions, F(t)=ti+t2-j+t3k, G(z)=(¥)i+cos2tj+sintk, H(t)=(t2-l)i+k, and f(t)=2t2—2!+3. [1)H)3> @ (1) The domain of G is (a) R. (b) all real numbers except t. 5 Qall real numbers except-0. (d) all real numbers except x = 7r. (e) none of the above (2) The following functions are vector functions: (a) f, F, and G. (h) f, F, and H. (6))“, G,HandF-G. \ i (d) F, G, H andeG./ (6) none of the above (3) The value of F(2) is (a) 14. (b)2i+4j+8k. g; (c) not defined. ‘ , (d)2(é)2—2(2)+3=7. (6) none of the above ‘ E ...
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