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qauntitative chem test 3a__006

qauntitative chem test 3a__006 - e.h 20 points The base B...

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Unformatted text preview: \. e .h. 20 points The base B has a pr of5.00. Yb : l. ()1; ‘1 31;:— (L (L a) What is the value of pKa for its 0:311? acid (call it BH+)? ‘HUDL ,“L PYQ; €1.00 (‘3 .9 H“ " )JJO b) At what pH is [B] = [BH+]?.-\ (3w 9%?“ £00}? \/ c) What is the princip sp'eEi'és at pH=7.00? 6H; / d) What is the value of the quotient: [B]/[BH+] at pH 12.00? END OF TEST ’0 ,é, 6+2” . t; «em ...
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