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qauntitative chem test 2__001

qauntitative chem test 2__001 - Second Test i Test Duration...

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Unformatted text preview: Second Test March 28, 2005 / i Test Duration: 50 min. NOTE: Please make every attempt to be NEAT and ORGANIZED in your answer presentation. This will be crucial to my ability to give you partial credit for incomplete and wrong answers. Further, do not just jot the final answer down; . SHOW ALL THE INTERMEDIATE STEPS IN YOUR CALCULATIONS AND SHOW CLEARLY HOW YOU ARRIVED AT A PARTICULAR ANSWER FOR ALL THE UESTIONS BELOW. *L——. .. .4, ‘L 20 points 1. Given the solubility product data below, list which of the two compounds in each below would be less soluble in water. DEFEND YOUR CHOICE SUITABLY. a) M11111 iodide (K,,,= 6.5 x 10“) or silver iodide (1<.,,= 33 x 10‘")? ’ b b flu. P331 would be less. so\um ‘m mitt This can \ be mvun be mluflocfimé, m Mela! Solim‘u'hé 0+ Izod». compouml. ,_, 4’ ,, T- W10); Trig Lg“, #3153 -7 :5) lam N 9 KW)" UWU’] ks —. [mix-J Li-‘DWO'g: D‘JC‘CJ 8.3wo“‘= {253053 C‘\c . ‘ I \(= bsxm'b I x: W t . x: 9.6mm" "‘°‘/L., \m cm'zc‘i'o‘q mm “0’ As Show“ ‘H’U M: MS as Much Shall-er molar 1 YSQMMJALHS 0AA MS \3 \(ss $O\u.h\2 'm tweeter, g. , fl ‘ . fir 3 u)! Fl aidefixmxsmj Wt “a , toWe-xkitb L00- wc seamwmm ‘65 \DQWY}? Q: m (a? game; sm‘ka’ {6? mg)»; i7‘4"~ialxj‘zf> U255 , _- V‘ I, :Q‘LLJLI‘O'CJVQ - ...
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