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qauntitative chem test 1a__001

qauntitative chem test 1a__001 - " CHEM 2335 First Test...

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Unformatted text preview: " ++ CHEM 2335 First Test ’NOTE: Please make every attempt to be NEAT and ORGANIZED 1n your answer presentation. This will be crucial to my ability to give you partial credit for f“ incomplete and wrong answers. Further, do not just jot the final answer down; SHOW ALL THE INTERMEDIATE STEPS IN YOUR CALCULATIONS AND ’— SHOW CLEARLY HOW YOU ARRIVED AT A PARTICULAR ANSWER FOR ALL THE UESTIONS BELOW. A points . Answer the following multiple- choice goestiofis IN EACH CASE, SHOW , ' CALCULATIONS AND OTHERRATIONALIZATIONS AS NEEDED TO ‘ SUPPORT YOUR CHOICE OF ANSWER! a) If you were recording the volume of liquid in the graduated cylinder depicted, what volume would you record (to the correct number of significant figures)? " / «unwed...»— ‘ Q _‘ ’ E meniscus , - 5:; . . ,w, “2*? graduate 01 cylinder A) 25.700 mL B) 25 mL C) 26 mL 115)}570 mL E) 2517 mL ...
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