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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 14: Los Angeles: Capital of the 20th Century I. Endless Summer A. LA Noir Regarded as no good by intelligentsia. The Loved One, Day of the Locust - vapid nature of LA life. Many artists flee LA. Beats etc. go to SF. LA spawns detective novels-Hammett,Chandler. Hwood puts it on film 40s&50s.Critique LA as big city not just sunshine dream,also indication of intellectual life in LA. Blacklist era 50s. Charlie Chaplin deported. LAPD becomes famous for war on crime, neighborhood watch etc. Minority LA is invisible in all this. B. Surf’s Up By 50s noir’s just a genre not a critique.Boosterist postwar america.New empire of upper middle class-management, tech workers, professionals, small business, Hwood/Aero unionists.Mass consumerism(fast food chains all start LA).Modernism, Marilyn, TV Hwood(decentralization after studio sys dies), Mickey - white dreamland of good life etc. Disneyland“clean” hwood version of lower-class amusement parks-themes of fantasy,nostalgia,futurism.Idealized urbanism. C. Cold War Cosmos Helps build LA w/milit-indust complex.Industry rooted there-complex of supporting businesses etc. OC starts to grow around aircraft Helps build LA w/milit-indust complex....
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