Lec 7 - LECTURE 7: SF: Cosmopolitan Center of the Left...

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LECTURE 7: SF: Cosmopolitan Center of the Left Coast Shift in the decades after the quake into more civilized city - cosmopolitan, tolerant, even liberal. I. The Taming of the Shrew A. Headquarters City 1910-passed by LA in pop, but most important.Biz:banking,utilities,oil,resource processing,manuf. Banking - Giannini&Bank of Italy corners loaning to ethnic grps to rebuild, then builds up CA ag. and becomes the biggest in wld by 40s - BankofAmerica. 1908 CA law allows branch banks(not single buildings). Crocker, WellsFargo, Anglo, Mercantile Trust. Fed Reserve pacific HQ is there. Standard Oil of CA (Chevron- now elsewhere), Assoc Petrol (Flying A), General Petro, Shell (regional) Union Oil (regional, clock by baybridge). Rsrc. Proc. HQs - CalPak Foods(DelMonte), Zellerbach Paper, Blake Moffitt & Towne, Cowell Cement, Stauffer chem, Miller & Lux, Spreckels Sugar, Redwood Manuf. Co. Still a merchant city as well, and a manufacturing city. B. City Beautiful A city rebuilt after 1906, reformed by Progressivism, re-imagined in new built-form. Phelan - mayor 1896-1902, sets up Hetch Hetchy, Senator in teens.City planning to beautify the city - lots of * shape roads. ..But quake kills it, they rebuild fast to not lose to Oak or LA. Gov. Hiram Johnson 1910-16 - Prosecuted Boss Reuf, set up lots of prog. stuff. Senate ‘16-40 Mayor James Rolph, 1912-28 - elected after U.Labor party’s power, merchant, big ppl politician, governor 1928-32.
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Lec 7 - LECTURE 7: SF: Cosmopolitan Center of the Left...

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