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Chem 3580 Spring 2009 Friday Session - Week #1 For some of the questions you may have to go back and review Chem 357 materials. 1. Which ones would be antiaromatic and which ones would be aromatic if planar? N B CH 3 .. 2— (a) (b) (c) (d) 2. Compound A loses its proton more slowly than compound B. Explain. Use chemical structures to clarify your reasons. H CN A Ph Ph H CN B Ph Ph 3. In a reaction with acid, cycloheptatrienone is protonated on the carbonyl oxygen to give a stable cationic product. Explain the stability of the protonated product. Use chemical structures to support your reasoning. O 4. Suggest a suitable synthesis for each of the following compounds beginning with benzene and suitable organic (containing no more than 4 carbon atoms) and inorganic reagents.
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