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107SyllabusF09 - COMM 107(1109 Introduction to...

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COMM 107 (1109) Introduction to Communication Seminar Fall 2009 Wednesdays 3-4 p.m.; B 330; Instructor: Mary L. Holloway Office: Boyer 207; X2710; INET: [email protected] Hours: MWF 8:30-8:50; 11-11:50; TR 10:30-11:30; Others by Appt. Rationale/Overview COMM 107 provides students with a detailed look at the Messiah College Communication Department and selected resources available to students. Departmental faculty and external guests narrate their personal stories of professional decision making as well as the integration of Christian faith within their professional roles. Additionally, speakers provide guidance to help current undergraduate students make sound choices during their time at Messiah College as well as after graduation. Before leaving the course, students create a preliminary portfolio to showcase the growing body of work they will create while at Messiah. COMM 107 is required of all COMM majors. Majors from other departments, minors, and undeclared majors may take COMM 107 for elective credit. Course Objectives 1. Explore the professions included in communication undergraduate degree studies. 2.
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  • Fall '09
  • Following, International Communication Association, National Communication Association, Preliminary Portfolio

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107SyllabusF09 - COMM 107(1109 Introduction to...

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