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Week 3 1. Tell the allegory of the cave in your own words. Then carefully explain its purpose. The allegory is the story of people who have been held prisoner in a cave deep inside a mountain. They have been there for so long that the cave has gradually become the only world they know. The prisoners are laid in chains in that prison, that are fastened behind a wall in the cave, facing the rear of the cavern. This rock encrusted world is the only world they know. The only light they can see is the light from a fire that is maintained on the other side of the wall, which is reflected off the rocks of the cavern in front of them, and above them. In this manner, their world has become a world of a faint glow of light and of huge shadows of objects that are passed in front of the fire. The shadows, which they all see with their senses can, thus become a reality to them that in part defines their world that they react to. Once the prisoner was freed he began to understand the reality of what the
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