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IEOR 151 Lab Assignment 1 Fall Semester, 2009 Due Date: Friday, Sep.11st Please formulate the following service staffing problem as a LP problem and solve it with EXCEL Solver. Workforce Planning Problem You are hired by a national drive-in bank to plan the workforce for their service operations. The planning horizon is 6 months from now on. They currently have 12 tellers. The workforce hours required for the next 6 months are 1500, 1800, 1600, 2000, 1800 and 2200. You have the option of hiring trainees at the beginning of each month. However, each trainees should be hired a month before they can start working since they need one month training period. The training requires 80 hours of workforce hour from a regular teller for each trainee. At the end of each month, 10 percent of regular workforce would quit. Each regular teller can work up to 160 hours each month including real work and education. The direct labor cost is $600 per month per teller, and $300 per month per trainee. (To clarify, a trainee would become a regular teller after one-month training
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Unformatted text preview: period.) For the purpose of this lab, we assume you can hire staff in fraction, i.e. some tellers might not work full month. (What if you can not hire staff in fraction? Then it is an integer programming problem, and much harder to solve optimally.) Please formulate the LP problem first and then use Excel Solver to generate the optimal workforce plan in terms of number of trainees you hire each month and number of available tellers at each month. Hint: You can use the following notations T t = number of trainees hired at the beginning of month t for t = 1,…6 A t = number of tellers available at the beginning of month t for t = 1,…,6 Turn-in Format Please turn in the LP formulation, printout of the Excel worksheet, the answer report and the sensitivity report from Excel Solver. You also need to summarize your workforce plan and interpret the sensitivity analysis results in your own words....
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